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1955 – Built as a bunk house for the Curtis Sawmill

1969 – Don Deck purchased the property and remodeled it into a Road House. He turned one half of the bunkhouse into the bar and the other half is where he and his family lived. It was located halfway between Fairbanks and Nenana so they named it The Halfway House.

1981 – Richard Hiland (Skinny Dick), with partners Wayne and Sally Taylor (who still frequent the bar), purchased The Halfway House and added the Inn.

1985 – Skinny added his name to the Halfway Inn, creating the now WORLD FAMOUS Skinny Dick’s Halfway Inn. Skinny and his wife Mable loved and enjoyed the bar until he was no longer able due to his health. You could always count on Skinny for a good joke and a laugh.

2003 – Skinny sells the bar.

2008 – Skinny passed away May 29, 2008.

Today – The bar still remains SKINNY DICK’s Halfway Inn. We have kept Skinny’s sense of humor going with gag gifts and lots of adult humor.