About us

We're in Alaska "Halfway" Between Fairbanks and Nenana

We're a World Famous Roadhouse well known for adult humor and laughs.  If you ever get a chance, stop by. Come on in and let us offend you!

Over 35 Years of Laughing

1955 Skinny's is built as The Curtiss Sawmill. The Bar itself was originally the bunk house for the Mill.
1969 Don Deck purchased the property and remodeled the bunk house into a Road House called the Halfway House because it was located halfway between Fairbanks and Nenana, Alaska.
1981 Richard Hiland (Skinny Dick) with partners Wayne & Sally Taylor, (who still frequent the Bar) Purchased the Halfway House and added the Inn.
1985 Skinny added his name to the Halfway Inn creating the now WORLD FAMOUS Skinny Dick’s Halfway Inn. Skinny and his wife Mable loved and enjoyed running the bar until He was no longer able due to his health. You could always count on Skinny for a good joke and a laugh.
2000 Skinny leased the bar out for a few years
2003 Skinny sells the bar in June
2008 Skinny passed away May 8th 2008
Today The bar still remains SKINNY DICK'S HALFWAY INN. We have kept Skinny’s sense of humor going with gag gifts and lots of adult humor.

People Actually Like Us!!

MARTIN RATHBUN Not for the kids or the snooty.... This place will tickle every funny bone in the Body!
EMMA GRAY This place cracked me up! Think sex shop meets neighborhood bar. We drove out from North Pole just for a sweatshirt and ended up staying for hours! ♡♡♡
MIKE VELASQUEZ Great place! It is what it is! You want fun souvenirs to take home to the family, Teri and her bunch have 'em! The booze is reasonably priced, and she has every gag gift you can think of! We even hit a $400 pull tab to help offset our little spending spree!
JAZMIN BRILL-ARAIZA AMAZING! HILARIOUS OWNERS! They also rent out cabins that are really close to great hunting grounds.
BEVERLY MARY Gags of laughs for adults only, lots of sweaters, shirts, things you don't see anywhere. Great spot right off the highway. Stop in you won't regret but not for the faint of heart
DUSTEE POPE Got two shirts in the mail and they came very fast. Also they fit amazing. Will definitely be ordering from you again.
Jeff Fitzloff This place is fantastic, the crew are friendly and the beer is cold!
LINSEY HORTON One of the funniest places I've ever been. A much-welcome laugh on the scenic drive from Anchorage to Fairbanks. A must-stop!
ROB MO Legendary place… This is where I learned Condoms are re-usable. All ya gotta do is turn em inside out n shake the F&*K outta them...waisted a lot of beer squirtin it out my nose… ;)
BRIAN FORREST One of the top tourist spots in alaska! Dont consider yourself as having seen Alaska if you dont stop in and see what they have to offer!
ROBERT ALLEN I can't tell you how much fun it was there. Really it's not allowed. Lol
LINSEY H. My bf and I saw this as we were driving from Anchorage to Fairbanks and we could NOT wait to check it out on our way back out. It surpassed all expectations! It has funny gag gift type things, but what we enjoyed more than anything was the atmosphere and the owner, bartender, and local bar patron who entertained us with his ham radio stories and hatched a genius plan for us to fly a bush plane at the Fairbanks Airport that actually worked out! If you're a prude or can't take toilet humor, pass on by!
CHINESE YANKEE We pulled into Skinny DIck's in the afternoon and walked in talking note of the various signage. When we entered, something flew out of a woman's top and she stepped on it quickly. I made a comment, and she told me it was shot holder that she could hide away. We started talking, swapping jokes and oneliners. It was a great time! The one woman was an owner and she is the best. You can't go wrong with a stop at Skinny's. You just have to go in as there is no place like it to compare it to. Cheap (and plentiful) drinks, games outside, cabins, tons of fun!
LINDA D Ended up spending the night in one of the cabins after a fun night partying with the locals! DO NOT enter if you are easily offended by adult humor. You will be missing out on lots of laughs and good natured fun, though. Dollar bills stapled to the ceiling....they were removed and donated to charity when Dick passed away and they have a nice collection of dollars again! Something to see! A little leery of the cabin, but really needed a place to stay...Checked it out prior and was VERY pleasantly surprised! Just like a hotel room, but inside a cabin! Very, clean and warm room!
MELISSA M I'm giving this place five stars because oh. My. God. Amazing! It's definitely a little tourist trap but so worth it. It's hilariously raunchy and not suitable for the babes. The staff was really friendly and literally welcomed us with open arms. Total divey spot and don't expect anything less. They have a nice outdoor area to sit and play horseshoes. We didn't eat here so I don't know about the food. But the bathrooms were legit clean and had sexy naked pics of men on the wall. Go there!
HOLLEIGH S. iBest bar ever. BEST TIME EVER. Friendly staff, great pour, amazing gift shop. If you come to Fairbanks and miss this place, you'll kick yourself!
JOHN BERNAL A must stop if you're heading to or from Fairbanks
RHONDA GOEBEL This place is not for these easily offended. If you don't have an open mind and a great sense of humor then don't go. For those of us who are open minded and can appreciate what they represent, this place was awesome!! Great drinks, tons of laughs and I bought lots of gifts for friends back home.
RONI STACHOVICH Loved it! People were super friendly! Had an array of fun merchandise!
MONICA TRICKEY A historical landmark and so much fun and more than excellent service! Thank you Terri for such a great welcome and letting us have so much fun! Wade is still in awe of Alaska and the people he's met here and I think you're his favorite bar tender ever!
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